Hello and welcome to Season Quest!

This is a Kiwi comedy/fantasy podcast set within the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) roleplaying game. Each season of the show features a different Dungeon Master (DM) and will thematically match up with one of the four seasons: WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, and AUTUMN.

Starting with season 5 the show changed it up so that they could include genres and styles as the seasonal theme. This led to the team creating the ANTHOLOGY season followed by HAUNT, HEROES, and more to come!

The show was created by Lucy Jones who stars in the series alongside Charlie Leeming, Tom Collins and Troy J Malcolm. The four of them graduated from the New Zealand School of Film and Television in 2019 and proceeded to produce an audio-only podcast, because they could.

There will be 12 episodes in each season, released weekly on Fridays' (8am in NZ) wherever podcasts can be found, and on the SPLITelevision Productions YouTube channel soon after. So check out the newest episodes, plus the previous seasons are fully available to binge.

Charlie Leeming
Lucy Jones
Tom Collins
Troy J Malcolm

Brad Zimmerman
Jackson Baly
Jenny Jones
Jules Daniel
Nick Dong
Ryan Bedford-Evans

WRITERS: Charlie Leeming, Lucy Jones, Ryan Bedford-Evans, Tom Collins & Troy J Malcolm
SOUND RECORDISTS: Charlie Leeming, Lucy Jones, Tom Collins & Troy J Malcolm
EDITORS: Lucy Jones, Tom Collins & Troy J Malcolm
VIDEO EDITOR: Logan Burrell
STUDIO: SPLITelevision Productions
SEASON QUEST is recorded in Wellington, New Zealand. © 2020-2023 SPLITelevision Productions